Our Story

Our mission is to empower you to make sustainable purchasing decisions with plastic-free and zero waste resources. And to provide you with a knowledgeable community of compassionate world changers. 

We started this mission in 2018 in our then home base of Wilmington, North Carolina where our founder, Kristen Crawford, was working to provide zero waste consulting for both residential and commercial businesses. While consulting, Kristen was also providing the online community with high-quality and plastic-free home and lifestyle products through the e-commerce store. 

As we are growing, our mission is still the same. Continuing to grow our community, provide high-quality products that are good for us and good for the planet. Even our shipping aims to reduce waste with repurposed or 100% recycled cardboard boxes and recycled paper labels. We even seal the deal (and boxes!) with paper tape.

How We Got Here

Kristen’s passion for sustainability began when she worked as a pharmaceutical data analyst and saw so much waste. Researching ways to improve the company she discovered that recycling alone is not the solution. This passion for change was heightened further when Kristen's mother, Beth Crawford, sadly passed away in late 2017 from a rare, aggressive type of cancer. She wondered if there was a correlation between the endocrine disruptors commonly found in plastics and if this was a factor in her mother's illness.

Where We Want To Go 

On a mission in honor of her mother and with concern for our current environmental crisis, Kristen knew it was time to leave her job and tackle this problem head-on through education and viable solutions. Beth's consistent life lessons about composting, recycling, reusing, repurposing, and overall respect for nature laid the foundation for Kristen's environmental passion. And she needs our help. Let’s join together on the front-lines of the plastic pollution crisis. 

our small changes can make big waves.


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